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What will cost me to Migrate to Microsoft AZURE AVD?

Prerequisites and Cost Break Down


Qualified M365 Subsubscription, e.g. Business Premium

  • This subscription will serve as the foundation for hosting your Azure resources, including Azure AVD

Application Compatibility

  • Evaluate the compatibility of your version of LawBase. Ensure that the version of your LawBase and associated data can be migrated and function appropriately within the Azure environment.

Network Infrastructure

  • The following factors should be considered: bandwidth, latency, and network security requirements. A good internet speed goes a long way.

  • This will require a site assessment to determine the age and quality of hardware responsible for relaying internet to the building and user computers.

Testing and Validation

  • We don't go to production until we have tested your setup and you are happy that it will work

 Cost Break Down

$1800 - $2500 + GST

LawBase Install and Migration

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible service, we have partnered with a trusted third-party vendor who will be responsible for the support and installation of LawBase. Effective immediately, the installation and maintenance of Lawbase will be handled exclusively by this vendor.

$300 + GST

CompuHub - AVD Server - Setup 

  • Setting up AVD Server

  • Configuring network

  • Installing Windows

  • Data Migration

$180 + GST

CompuHub - AVD Server - Installing Apps

  • Setup ESET Server Security

  • Setup unattended access

  • Apply the latest Windows updates

  • Setup OneDrive

  • Setup SharePoint

  • Backups for LawBase

  • Setup Network Sharing

  • Configure VM Backups and SQL Back up script

$90 + GST per staff

CompuHub - Setting up Client VM

  • Setup Conditional MFA access

  • Add to AVD VM Security Groups

  • Grant access to Azure VM user group

  • Setup Microsoft Remote Desktop for Azure

  • Configure Azure VM Profile

  • Map network drives to the VM Server

Summary of setup and Migration Costs

  • Third party vendor = $1800 + GST - Estimate only

  • Compuhub cost is based on time and material.  From $660.00 + GST for one user access

  • Setup is highly dependent on the quality and age of the hardware and the client's commitment to making time to test the system.

  • Monthly ongoing not included


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