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LawBase Brief

LawBase aims to help law firms, business legal departments, and governmental organisations handle their legal cases, documents, and workflow procedures effectively. It is a robust platform that allows for customisation and enables legal professionals to collaborate more effectively while streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

What are the significant benefits your organization can gain by migrating your LawBase software from an on-premises server to Azure AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)


Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

You can extend your infrastructure fast and effectively to match your organization's evolving demands by moving LawBase to Azure AVD. With Azure AVD's on-demand resource allocation, you can add or remove virtual desktops as needed to accommodate your expanding workforce or seasonal workload variances effortlessly.

Improved Accessibility and Anywhere, Anytime Availability

Your staff can safely access LawBase from any device with an internet connection, thanks to Azure AVD. This implies that regardless of where they are physically located, your staff can work remotely, access case files, and efficiently cooperate. This adaptability boosts productivity and permits continuous workflow even in unexpected situations.

Robust Security Measures

Microsoft invests significantly in security procedures, encryption, threat detection, and compliance frameworks to safeguard your data and ensure continued adherence to established standards and laws, and that is all built-in Azure AVD.

Simplified IT Infrastructure Management

Azure AVD significantly reduces the burden of managing and maintaining on-premises servers. Microsoft handles the infrastructure management, including server maintenance, security updates, and data backups, allowing your IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives rather than routine operational tasks.

Cost Optimization

Your organisation may save money by switching to Azure AVD. By switching to a cloud-based solution, you may avoid making significant upfront hardware investments, save money on energy used to run physical servers, and only pay for the computing resources you utilise. You can scale resources up or down as necessary with Azure's flexible pricing approach, which will optimise your IT spending.

Integration with Azure Ecosystem

Opportunities for easy integration with other Azure services become available when using Azure AVD. Azure Active Directory is helpful for improved identity management, Azure Backup for reliable data protection, and Azure Site Recovery for business continuity and disaster recovery.


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