CompuHub Statistics

O365 Tenants - 361
O365 Hosted Exchange - 1344
Hosted Domains Local - 338
Hosted Domains International - 111
Internet Security Licenses - 1104
Cloud backups SharePoint - 231
Cloud backups Hosted Exchange - 180
On-premises backups - 49


We’ve got the skills, team, equipment and service centre to look after all your IT requirements.

Bit of history

In the 1850s missionaries and farmers from Britain settled in the Cambridge area and introduced modern farming practices to local Maori, helping them set up two flour mills and importing grinding wheels from England and France.

Almost 2 centuries later in 2003, a small computer repair shop was opened at 36 Victoria Street Cambridge, a vibrant growing town. Setup by an entrepreneur, greatly respected and loved by his staff and community. Rebranded in 2011 to keep up with the ever growing demand of hardware, software and customer support.

Supporting New Zealand and International businesses, CompuHub thanks each and everyone of our customers.

Our Partners

CompuHub has partnered up with a few of the leading service providers to bring you're a comprehensive service model.


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