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Domain Registration

Why do you need to register a domain name?

A domain is a human-readable address or name representing a website on the internet. It is what users type into their web browsers to access a particular website. A domain name is made up of two main parts: the actual name (e.g., "example") and the top-level domain (TLD) (e.g., ".com"). Together, they form the complete domain name, such as "

Domain names are used to identify and differentiate websites from one another. They provide a more user-friendly alternative to the numeric IP addresses that computers use to locate and communicate with websites.

Tips for the Perfect Domain Name

Crafting the perfect domain name is essential for your online success. Here are some tips to help you choose a fantastic domain name:

Keep it Short and Sweet

Shorter domain names are easier to remember and type. Aim for a name that's concise and straightforward.

Make it Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Avoid complex or hard-to-spell words that could confuse visitors. If it's easy to say and type, people are more likely to remember it.

Use Keywords

Incorporate relevant keywords related to your business or website topic. This can help with search engine optimization (SEO) and tell visitors what your site is all about.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphens and numbers can be confusing and may lead to misspellings or misunderstandings. Stick to letters only for a clean and professional look.

Choose the Right Extension (TLD)

The most common and recognizable TLD is ".com," and it's often recommended for businesses. However, other TLDs like ".net," ".org," or specific country codes (e.g., "") can work well depending on your target audience and purpose.

Consider Branding

Your domain name is part of your brand identity. Try to make it unique and memorable, aligning with your brand's personality and message.

Research Availability

Before falling in love with a name, check if it's available for registration. There are many domain registration websites where you can search for domain availability.

Check Social Media Availability

Make sure the domain name is available or similar usernames are available on major social media platforms. Consistent branding across channels is essential.

Choose te appropriate name extension

Domain extensions, also known as top-level domains (TLDs), often have specific meanings or associations, though their usage can be flexible, and there are exceptions.

.co: Originally intended for companies, it is now commonly used for various purposes, including commerce and community-related websites.
.info: Generally used for informational websites, providing content or knowledge on specific topics.
.net: Historically intended for network-related sites and internet infrastructure providers, it is commonly used for technical or technology-related websites.
.org: Traditionally associated with non-commercial organizations, nonprofits, and community-based initiatives.
.biz: Primarily intended for businesses and commercial use, often used for e-commerce websites.
.me: While the .me TLD is the country code for Montenegro, it has been creatively adopted for personal branding and personal websites, such as blogs, portfolios, and personal profiles.

Domain Pricing

Other Domain Names to .org .com .au .co .info .me .asia .bi .mobi .us

Transfer Fees

Transfer fees cover the renewal term added to the domain name during transfer. All Top Level Domains (TLDs) have a mandatory one-year renewal term added during the Registrar Transfer process.

.nz domain names can be transferred for free with no renewal term added during the registrar transfer as long as the domain name is not expired or is due to expire within one month.

 Technician labour is not included in the above pricing.


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