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When you're looking for a reliable service provider, your friends and family are usually the ones you turn to first for advice. Since you've placed your trust in us for your needs, we'd be grateful if you'd keep us in mind when recommending services to those you care about.

Join our referral program today!
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What is in it for me?

Program Duration:

  • The rewards program is ongoing and has no expiration date unless otherwise specified by the company.

Who Can Participate:

  • All current customers who have previously purchased our IT services are eligible to participate in the rewards program.

Hardware not Included:

  • While we're tempted, rewards cannot be used for hardware purchases.

Rewards Process:

  • Customers can refer their relatives or contacts by providing their contact information to our support team via email, phone (078234666), or by completing the referral form.

  • Referrals must be new customers who have yet to engage with our services.

  • Customers must purchase or sign up for one of our monthly or annual service plans.

Program Modifications:

  • CompuHub reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program without prior notice.


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