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Direct Debit Instructions

Receive invoice from CompuHub

  • Look for an email from Compuhub. It will have a subject related to your invoice e.g. "Invoice 1234 from Compuhub NZ Limited for CompuHub"

  • Open the email to view its contents.

  • Within the email, locate the section "Review and pay"

  • Click on the "Review and pay" option provided in the email. Alternatively, click on the direct link to view your bill online.

Pay now

  • Look for the "Pay now" green button on the top right

  • Click on it

How would you like to pay?

  • Look for the "Direct Debit Button"

  • Click on it.

Set up a Direct Debit Instruction

  • Complete the "Your personal details" fields or "Change to use a company name"

  • Complete or confirm the email field

  • Click on "Continue"

Complete your bank details

  • Complete the following fields

  • Bank code.

  • Branch code.

  • Account number.

  • Suffix.

  • Click on "Continue"

Confirm bank details

  • Confirm your details

  • Click on "Set up this Direct Debit Instruction"

You will receive a confirmation that your Direct Debit is active.  We'll automatically process your payment on the due date and notify you via email


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