Remote Support Terms and Conditions

  • At Compuhub we aim to deliver an experience that will leave our customer satisfied with our service. However, should you have any concerns please discuss this with your technician prior to going into a remote session.
  • Please note that the technician will be viewing your desktop, close all confidential documents and programs prior going into a remote session.
  • This session is payable exercise. Click on CompuHub Charges for a detailed charge list.
  • Compuhub follows a process of eliminations to remedy your computer issues, therefore CompuHub cannot guarantee that any action taken will resolve the problem nor cause additional problems which will require a onsite visit from our onsite technician.
  • CompuHub uses LogMeIn rescue and software is provided at the customer's sole risk.

Desktop icon

  • Use this option if you consider using our remote service in the future again
  • This will install LogMeIn Calling card that will appear as an icon on your Desktop

One off remote access

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