Why do you need to register a domain name

Example domain: anonymous.co.nz

  • A domain name is the address where Internet users all over the world can access your website www.anonymous.co.nz
  • A domain name identifies your business mail address john@anonymous.co.nz
  • The Domain Name System (DNS) defines a domain namespace, containing a DNS resource record (RR)

    - Name Server records (NS) - specifies that a specific DNS Zone, such as “anonymous.co.nz” is delegated to a specific authoritative name server
  • - IPv4 Address Mapping records (A) - a hostname and its IPv4 address
    - IPv6 Address records (AAAA) - a hostname and its IPv6 address.
    - Canonical Name records (CNAME) - points a hostname to an alias. This is another hostname, which the DNS client is redirected to
    - Mail exchanger record (MX)

What is a DNS Zone? DNS Zones Explained (https://ns1.com/resources/dns-zones-explained)

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