Breaking News - Vodafone is ditching their email services

Its is not surprising that Vodafone made this announcement... It was just a matter of time that the likes of Google Email and Microsoft 0365 took their rightful place as the preferred choice of email service providers. I have been using gmail for my personal content for over a decade and Microsoft 0365 for my business almost as long.  

The biggest advantages for me is that fact that if I do choose to change internet service provider, and I do say internet service providers because most households do not have a landline any longer, that I have don't have to go through the painful experience of changing email accounts.  It is astonishing how many service provider use your email account as their login credentials.  

Create a free gmail account today and ask your service provider e.g. Vodafone, Spark etc... to forward all your old email account emails to your new gmail account.